Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spiritual Parenting, part 3

In this third and final Spiritual Parenting Intro post, we promised to define the 10 environments and how to cultivate them in your home.

First, let me say that both the Spiritual Parenting book and course go through each environment in a much more in-depth way than I can here.   They will give you lots of examples and explanations of what it looks like to live in this way in your real life.

Below is a brief descriptions of each of these environments you can create in your family :

1. Storytelling- God has a BIG story and I can be apart of it.
2. Identity- I belong to God and He loves me.
3. Faith Community- God's family cares for each other and worships God together.
4. Serving- Asks the questions: “what needs to be done?”
5. Out of the Comfort Zone- God transforms me when I step out in faith.
6. Responsibility- God has entrusted me with the things and people around me that He has created.
7. Course Correction- When I get off track God offers me the path of healing.
8. Love and Respect- God fills me with love and I can give it away.
9. Knowing- God knows me and I can know him.
10. Modeling- I see Christ in others and they see Christ in me.

Cool, huh?

In our experience, teaching and living these concepts can be truly life-changing!  But how are these environments created in your every day life?  They are created mostly through shared spiritual experiences and teachable moments, both at church and home.  Let me explain:

As a church, Valley Christian Center is partnering with families to create these environments in Kid's Church every week and to resource and inspire families to create them at home.  Every month we will focus on one of the 10 environments.  Future VCC Kids blog posts will document and display what we are doing in Kid's Church to foster the environment-of-the-month at church.  

Each week we send home with your kids a "HomeFront Weekly" page.  This resource is to help you set up experiences and teachable moments with your child to prepare them for the upcoming weekly lesson at church.  In this way, we are a team : church and home make a strong partnership.

But there is much more : you can download an incredible magazine, called HomeFront monthly, every month at the site linked below -FOR FREE! :

This beautiful magazine was created to inspire, equip and support you in this process of creating spiritual environments in your own family's life.  It is full of ideas and resources for how you can create shared experiences with your kids around the "environment-of-the-month" at home :

One way to use this resource is to help equip you in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly family night.  A Family Night is an awesome way we can invite God into our homes and schedules.   You'll find the HomeFront magazine full of ideas for games, crafts, projects, and recipes planned around each environment.

In addition, we are preparing to launch HomeFront small groups early next year.  These HomeFront groups will be a fun, kid-friendly, small group where you can walk this road of Spiritual Parenting with other families.  This blog will have more information about these groups soon.

So, if all of this sounds intriguing to you and you'd like to learn more, you are invited to sign up for the next Spiritual Parenting class at VCC, or drop by the Courtyard Cafe on Sunday to purchase the Spiritual Parenting book by Dr. Michelle Anthony.  

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