Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worship Response Stations: God's Family Tree

God's Family Tree.  

We are adopted, grafted, into the family
of the King of kings.

We are children of God.

This station is a place kids come to 
reflect over who they are in Christ.

The world may label you many things.
But who does GOD say you are?

The instructions are to simply take
a label and ask God which words of identity
He is speaking over them.

Write them on the label and hang it on 
God's Family Tree.

Remember who you are!
Remember WHOSE you are!

And now for those of you who are interested in how 
this station was put together...

The tree is actually from a manzanita branch that
a friend picked up from her family's home
in the mountains not too far away.  
You can buy them here however.

We simply "planted" it in a painted terra cotta pot.

... With rocks in the bottom for weight and to steady the branch....

My 10 year old son helped with this.

Then we sprayed that foaming gap filler stuff 
from the hardware store into the pot.  
Be sure to purchase the Big Gap Filler (1" +).
It's great stuff.  It sprays right in and dries firm.

We let it dry (and expand) over night.

Then cut out and shaped it.

And then using a glue gun and Dollar Store fake moss, 
covered the top with green and brown moss.

For the labels, we purchased some here.  
But once they got here I realized I could make
them for much cheaper.  So I just drew the outline
of a gift tag onto brown card stock and found 
I can get 10 per page.  So, with a little time and effort,
you can make each label for less than 3 cents!

Punch a hole at the top, 
and string a piece of thread for hanging.

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