Thursday, November 14, 2013

Worship Response Stations: Wall of Blessing

The Blessing Wall!

Walking into the room and seeing all the kid's blessings just makes you smile. 
Isn't it a WONDERFUL thing to count the blessings
that God has deposited into your life?

This station is designed to get kids excited 
to really see how God has blessed them and their friends.

During Response Time, we turn off the overhead lights, using lamplight to quiet the mood of the room. We play quiet, worshipful music and explain to the kids that this is their time with God.  We have enough stations around the room so that every child can interact in some tangible way with the Holy Spirit. You can read a brief explanation of why we believe Worship Stations are so fruitful with this generation, HERE.

The basic concept is that we are making space for our kids to practice responding to God's Spirit.

And they look forward to it all morning.

For all of you creative "Pinners", here's how you can make it yourself:

We used pressed plywood - the cheap stuff!!  
One of the "Alpha" Men's Groups in our church
took a Saturday morning and cut out four of these plywood frames.

Then they drilled small starter holes every few inches and screwed in i-hooks.

I strung it with jute twine from the craft store in nice randomness.
We used i-hooks that were large enough for at least two strands of twine 
to pass through.  As I was stringing it, I had to be careful to keep it 
pretty tight along the way so there wouldn't be slack when tying it off. 
 I went around once with the twine, 
tied it off, and repeated once more to make sure 
there were plenty of lines to clip prayers onto.

We bolted it into the wall (on the studs since it is somewhat large).
And I cut out squares of colored card stock (With a scrapbook cutting tool) 
for writing prayers of blessing.
We added a table lamp (the main lights go off in the room during this time to "set the tone"),
buckets of pens and clothespins, and then we were in business!

Here is a close-up of what the instructions in the frame say:

It is a blessing to ready what the kids are thankful for...

God's blessings are greater than all the stars in the heavens!


  1. My husband made on of these for our school. What a blessing it is. Thank you for sharing this idea and the directions on how to make one. God bless you and your family.

    1. I'm so glad the idea could be helpful. Thank you so much for commenting. It sounds like such a great idea to use it at a school!

  2. This is awesome! Need a handly man with a saw. KP

  3. Thank you for the idea!! I created one for our Youth and Children's Takeover this weekend. It turned out great!

  4. I found you on Pinterest and love this idea. Sometimes adults, not just kids, also need a visual reminder of all the things that God has blessed us with. I've learned that since beginning my online gratitude journal blog. I just finished reading a book today called The Practice of Praise by C.H. Spurgeon. He said we have many things to be grateful for, however, I like the visual reminders. Thank you for sharing! I pinned this to my Pinterest "Gratitude" board.

  5. thank you for the idea to use in the children's department for sunday school

  6. Great idea! We are building one for our Thanksgiving worship service and encouraging each one to write down their blessings and add them to the blessing wall. God bless you.