Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worship Response Stations: The Great (Com)Mission Station

This is such a special station.  
The Great (Com)Mission Station is all about 
stirring up a desire in the hearts of the next generation 
to make Jesus known all over the world.

There are two giving buckets for the kids
to collect offerings for children in need.

These were simply recycled coffee cans 
covered with brown packing paper 
and finished with a homemade "label".

One can is for kids to give to World Vision:
to purchase farm animals for children 
in third-world countries.  
The other can is for Foursquare Gospel Boxes:
A box filled with Sunday School supplies for
missionaries to share the story of Jesus with
children all over the world.

I printed the instructions for using this station
on plain printer paper and displayed
it in a cheap dollar store black frame.

The instructions simply say to take
a green dot sticker and find a place
on the map they would like to pray for.

As they touch that place, 
placing their sticker there,
they cover that ground in prayer.

May God touch this place.
May Jesus be known there.

We love this station!  

Our Children's Ministry Mission Statement is:
"To cultivate a harvest of world-changers, 
growing up in the presence of God."

We are asking God to give these kids
 a heart for changing the world.

And for those who are interested in the details 
of how this station was put together...

The map is from a local school supply shop (for $5!)
that we just stapled up with a staple gun.
The stickers are small transparent dot stickers
just like these.  It is very simple to do!

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