Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Worship Response Stations: Wall of Belief

We used our new "Wall of Belief" for the first time on Sunday.

This Worship Response Station is simply a half-wall that surrounds our sound booth, covered with Chalkboard paint.  But you could use any chalkboard to do this, or paint chalkboard paint on any semi-smooth surface.  It took three coats to get it ready.  We stuck black Command Hooks onto each side of the wall to hold two tin pails of white chalk.  The words "I Believe..." are stenciled at the top.  

After Worship, we played one more song, and the kids spent a few minutes worshipping quietly, thinking about what they believe about God.  Then, they each took a turn to write what they believe on the wall.

Our Lesson Title on Sunday was "God Saves" so there were a lot of kids who wrote some version of that.  We will erase it every few weeks and let the kids fill it up again!

Declaring what you believe has the power to deepen and solidify your faith.  
Don't you think?

And here's a quick sneak peak at one of the Worship Stations we are working on today:

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